What drives us

Boxing is one of only a handful of sports that can genuinely trace is lineage through human history. From the original Olympics through the Roman Empire, middle ages and evolution of the modern sport since the influence of the Marquis of Queensberry boxing captures the essence of the human condition.

The purity of two people challenging each other in an evenly matched contest provides a spectacle that cannot be matched. Boxing provides a contest in which the participants cannot blame teammates, the weather conditions, the time of year or any other excuse.

At the elite level, competitors are finely tuned athletes, training between 15 and 30 hours per week. Their commitment, skills and attitudes all contribute to an outstanding sporting spectacle when an evenly matched contest is presented. This is the essence of the EBC.

In this pure contest, only the two participants will determine the winner, for when that bell goes, all talk and speculation is over – it’s time to put up your dukes!