The elimination format of the EBC has been developed with a single intent. The best competitor will be crowned champion. So, here’s how it works:

Pre-Competition – Fighters are seeded from 1-8

Round 1 Sun 23 July 4pm – Fighters compete against their opposite number (1v8, 2v7 etc)
Round 2 Mon 24 July 6:30pm – The losers of round one compete. Again the draw is determined by maximum difference in seeding
Round 3 Tue 25 July 6:30pm – The winners of round 1 compete.
Round 4 Sat 19 Aug 4pm – The winners of round 2 fight the losers of round 3
Round 5 Sun 20 Aug 4pm (Semi-Final) – The winners of rounds 3 and 4 compete after a redraw of final 4 athletes.
Round 6 Mon 21 Aug 6:30pm – Grand Final

The Divisions

In each season there are four weight divisions of eight fighters competing in the EBC. In season one the divisions are:


60kg – 63kg
65kg – 70kg
72kg – 78kg


52kg – 56kg